Happy 2015

We are counting a new year, following the Christian Age the 2015. A mother looks forward to meet the hope she has in her eyes, and a child is watching the present: Thomas the train? Frozen? Cars? The croods? or a small friend called Sofi or Arturito?

The desire from ARAKUA is to combine development and dreams, to fulfill our vision of a SUSTAINABLE world, full of useful techonology, with a fair food supply, where the developing countries can leverage their resources thanks to iniciatives such as MODURY, or where the new mothers can eat better thanks to BABYFOOD, or where it is easier to make new decisions thanks to EASYDINA, or where the cities help to be happier thanks to our Human Develpment Consulting, or where you can connect your small consultancy in Africa with another one in South America, thanks to NETTECH… We are seeking a more human world aligning our professional effort, our knowledge, with a meaningful social impact.

The ARAKUA companies desire you a happy 2015 to everyone!!

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